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Mini Cooper Offset w/ Pin Stripe Bonnet, Boot, and Rocker Racing Stripe Kit

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  • $54.99

Mini Cooper Rally Stripe DIY Kit

This Rally Stripe kit will work on any Mini Cooper. It contains 4 stripes for the hood, trunk and rocker panels. The stripes are 3.25" with a 1/2" space and a 1" pin stripe. This is a DIY kit so you will be trimming the vinyl stripes yourself to fit. We provide general installation instructions to aid with the installation of the rally stripes

All of our kits come with application tools and vinyl solution to an easy install. The kit will include: Application Squeegee, 4 oz Application Solution, and Razor Knife.

We carry many popular colors in stock. They include: Gloss Black, Matte (Flat) Black, Silver, Red, White, 2 Blue shades, 2 Pink shades, Orange, Yellow, and Gold. Please include a message with your payment specifying which color you would like. If you do not see I color you would like contact us, in most cases we can accommodate most requests.

You can easily reposition the vinyl with the solution for a trouble free install.

*Need other sizes that you do not see? Contact me and I would be happy to give you a price quote.* 

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