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Inductive Tachometer Hour Meter RPM Digital STIHL Husqvarna, Poulan CHAIN SAW - Automotive Authority

Digital Tachometer / Hour Meter - Great for servicing engines

Automotive Authority LLC

  • $24.99

Digital Tach/Hour Meter
The digital Tach/Hour meters will keep track of engine RPMs and running time for all types of gasoline powered engines. The unit is powered by an internal lithium battery (CR2032) so no external power connections are required. The operation of the Tach/Hour meter is connected by 5 ft. insulated wire. You will wrap the rpm wire around the spark plug. The Tach/Hour meter is activated by the spark of the engine. Because the unit it activated by the spark of the engine it will keep track of the actual hours/duration of operation. This Tach/Hour meter is useful for maintenance or warranty applications for any type of gasoline powered engine.
  • Brand new
  • Easy to install
  • LCD digital display (5 Digit Display)
  • Show both engine RPM and hours of operation
  • Reads up to 99,999 RPM
  • Eliminates guessing for the oil change intervals
  • No power required (internal batter CR2032)
  • Sealed waterproof unit
Common Applications: 2/4 Stroke Engines, PWC, ATV, Motorcycles, Marine Engines, Chain Saws, Tractors, Lawnmowers, and gas powered tools
Installation process:
  • Locate your spark plug.
  • Wrap the RPM wire around the spark plug wire 5 times (No Tools Needed).
Installation Video:

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