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Vinyl Wrap Application Solution, Squeegee, and Razor Blade Tool Kit

Automotive Authority

  • $17.99

Kit Includes: (1) 4 oz Vinyl Application Solution, (1) 4" Felt Edge Squeegee, (1) Razor Utility Knife

The Vinyl Application solution is a must for installing the vinyl material. This will make the process of getting out those air bubbles carefree. You will be able to reposition the vinyl easily without having to peel it up multiple times and possibly distorting the vinyl.

The felt edge squeegee will allow you to work out the vinyl application solution and air bubbles that may occur without having to worry about scratching the vinyl material. The squeegee is 4" wide and 3" tall.

The retractable razor utility knife will allow for easy trimming of the vinyl once installation is complete. Do not use a dull knife or razor that can tear the vinyl and not give you a clean finishing cut.

Please the view the installation videos below for reference.

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