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13/16" White T Molding Flexible Gap Edge Trim - RV, Travel Trailer, Boat, Marine, and Home Application

Automotive Authority

  • $18.49

13/16" White Gap Trim

Purchase Includes:

A roll of 3/4" wide vinyl interior/exterior automotive grade trim molding. This 3/4" vinyl trim is used to cover screw heads on your RV, Camper, Trailers, Boats, ect.

Common Uses:

Edge T Molding trim is used by manufacturers and can be used on any boat, RV or home application. This flexible PVC trim is perfect for joining panel seams or trimming off wall and table edges, often eliminating the need for time-consuming gluing. The flexibility of these pieces allows them to bend and contour to desired applications. Wraps around a radius as small as 1 1/2". To fit a 90 degree corner, just clip the ribbing that fits the groove.

Quality Is In The Design:

The trim is proudly Made In America. The trim is UV protection to ensure it will hold up against the weather.

Don't Be Fooled: 

There are many other trims out there that are cheaper in quality and will not even last 2 months before fading and cracking. Those sub-par trims will not last long and you will end up spending twice the money. Many of the cheaper trims originate from China and will use sub-standard materials to cut down on cost.

Need A Different Length?

We stock bulk rolls and have over 5,000+ ft, so we can certainly accommodate your needs. Please just check out my store for more information.


This trim is cut from a bulk master roll and the trim will be within +/- 4" of stated length. 

As we said earlier all of our trims are proudly Made In America and support American Workers. 

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