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Volvo Penta OMC Cobra Upper Exhaust Bellows 3852696, 913405, 18-2779, 89224

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Upper Exhaust Bellow (Hose, Tube) for OMC Cobra & Volvo Penta SX 

The exhaust hose/tube are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The bellow will be exactly as pictured with stainless clamps.

Replaces Part #s: 3852696, 9-72802, 913405, 89224, 18-2779

These bellows are designed for the following drive applications:

OMC Engines:
4.3L GL, GS, GI, GXI, OSI, 5.0L FI, GL, FL, GXI, OSI, 5.7L GL, GI, GIL, OSI, GXI, OSXI, 5.8L FL, FI, FSI, 7.4L GL, GI, 8.1L GI, GXI, OSI, 8.2L GL

Volvo Penta Engines:
4.3L GI, GL, GS, GXi, OSi; 5.0L FI, FL, GI, GL, GXi, OSi; 5.7L GI, GL, GS, GXi, OSi; 5.8 FL, FS; 7.4 GI, GL, GS; 8.1 GI, GXi, OSi; 8.2 GL, GS; DPX 375, 385, 415, 420; SX-A, SX-M; V6 200, 225; V8 270, 300, 320, 350, 380, 430; XHP; and XXP engines.

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