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OMC Cobra Stern Drive Volvo Penta SX Exhaust Bellow 3850426 914036 18-1074

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Exhaust Bellows for Volvo SX and Some OMC Cobra and King Cobra Stern Drives

The exhaust bellows are designed to fit some OMC Cobra Stern Drives from 1986-1993 and some Volvo SX Drives from 1994 and higher. The bellow will be exactly as pictured with a stainless clamp.

Replaces Part #s: 3850426-2, 3850426, 914036, 18-1074, 9-72711

These bellows are designed for the following drive applications:

OMC: 3.0L, 4.3L (1994-1998), 5.0L (1994-1998), 5.7L, (1994, 1996-1998), 5.8L, (1994-96), 7.4L (1996-98), 8.2L (1998)

VOLVO: SX Stern Drives including 302, 432, 434, 502, 572, 584, 744, (1994-1998)

Special Considerations:

There are two "types" of exhaust bellows advertised for the OMC Cobra and Volvo SX drives.  One that has a fully shaved side and this bellows that is a complete tube. 

The shaved side bellows can be used in all Cobra applications as well as the Volvo SX applications.  The shave cuts were specifically designed for the earlier Cobra applications not listed here due to some exhaust/vacuum issues.  The shaved bellows do not offer as much "protection" as these bellows -- but the shaved style should be used in their appropriate applications.

Some vendors show these tubed bellows crossing over to all Cobra applications.  They don't.  These fully tubed, unshaven bellows shouldn't be used on those Cobra applications that require the shaved bellows. They should only be used in the applications proscribed above.

For Volvo applications -- these are the recommended bellows over the shaved style bellows.  Although the shaved style will function just fine, the shaved is unnecessary and these bellows will provide greater water resistance.

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