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Switch Box Power Pack 332-7778 332-7778A12 A9 A7 A6 For Mercury 3 & 6 Cyl CDI

Automotive Authority

  • $26.75

Switch Box for Mercury Motors

Brand New aftermarket switch box for Mercury motors. Please check the compatibility list to ensure this will fit your model. This switch box meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Installs with an easy direct plug & play application.

Replaces Part #'s: 332-778A12, 332-7778A3, 332-7778A9, 332-7778A6, 332-5524A1, 332-7778A1, 332-7778A7, 18-5775

Brand: Automotive Authority

1). If the Black Ground Wire is Not Already Connected to the CDI Box, Fasten to One of the 4 Mounting Holes on the Outside of the Box.
2). Fasten the Other End of This Black Wire to a Ground Spot on the Engine.
3). If the Engine Uses an Orange Colored Lead That is Connected to the Box, Connect This to the "Black/Yellow" Stud on the New Box.

Please check the compatibility list for your model:

  • Mercury 50hp 3cyl 6428681-0D000749
  • Mercury 60hp 3cly 6428681-0D000749
  • Mercury 65hp 4382057-4571651
  • Mercury 70hp 4571652-5128279
  • Mariner 70hp 5128280 - Later
  • Mercury 70hp 5579016-6428680
  • Mercury 70hp 3cly 0C272000-0D283221
  • Mercury 75hp 3cyl 0C272000-0D283221
  • Mercury 80hp 3cyl 0A996142-0C221999
  • Mercury 90hp 6cyl 5299506 - Later
  • Mercury 90hp 3cyl 0A996142-0D283221
  • SportJet 90hp 0E023150-0E095087
  • Mercury 105hp Jet 0D082000-0G303045
  • Mercury 115hp 6cyl 5314656- Later
  • Mercury V-135 0A904646 - Later
  • Mercury 140hp 5327663 - Later
  • Mercury 140hp Jet 0D082000-0G960499
  • Mercury V-150 4868998-5129429
  • Mercury V-150 5129480-0G960499
  • Mercury V-150 XR2 6616991-0A904645
  • Mercury XR4, Magnum II 0B242885-0D819999
  • Mercury V-150 XR6 0D82000-0G960499
  • Mercury V-175 4301235-5180108
  • Mercury V-175 5180109-0G960499
  • Mercury V-175 EFI 5180109-0G960499
  • Mercury V-175 XR1 5180109-0G960499
  • Mercury V-200 4839034-5158928
  • Mercury V-200 5158929-0G960499
  • Mercury V-200 XR1 5158929-0G960499
  • Mercury V-220 0B117316 - Later
  • Mercury V-225 5628028 - Later

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