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Exhaust Y-pipe Kit 807166A1 Hose Bellows 32-14358T 32-44348T For Use On MerCruiser 1998+

Automotive Authority

  • $79.95

Y-Pipe Exhaust Kit for MerCruiser 

The aftermarket bellow kit is designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The bellow kit will come exactly as shown. If you have ever overheated your engine these bellows and shutters tend to get damaged. Often you will find pieces of them in the exhaust system when you remove the drive for servicing. These help keep water from entering the engine through the exhaust system so they are very important.

  • 2x Water Shutters / Flappers - # 807166A1
  • 2x Lower Exhaust Bellows - # 32-14358 , 32-14358T , 32-14358001 , 18-2746
  • 2x Upper Exhaust Bellows - # 32-44348 , 32-44348T , 32-44348001 , 18-2748

Replaces Part #: 807166A1, 32-14358T, 32-44348T, 18-2746, 18-2748

Brand: Automotive Authority

These bellows and shutters are designed for the following MerCruiser applications:

  • 1996-1999 V6 owners PLEASE LOOK AT PICTURE #2 
    • Note: These will not work on V6 engines that came with the one piece manifolds (Use 807166A2 it has a flat tip), or early V8 with the round pin going through flapper.
  • Used on many MerCruiser sterndrive V8 engines. (Some V6 that came with the two piece manifold/elbow)
  • For 1998 and newer engines, there are some 1996 and 1997 models that apply. There will be two rectangular holes for the grommets. If your Y-pipe has round holes you need the A3 water shutters. If your Y-pipe changes size a few inches bellow the shutter you have a one piece manifold V6 Y-pipe and need shutter A2.

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