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Chrome Door Edge Guard- 15 FT Roll - 2/4 Doors

Automotive Authority

  • $14.95

Chrome Door Guard Trim Strip D.I.Y. Kit

The Do-It-Yourself kit will include (1) piece of chrome trim molding strip measuring 15 feet in length. The trim is 5/16 inches wide. The trim is made of flexible and durable high quality plastic. This is such an easy way to change the appearance of your vehicle. The door guard will prevent paint chipping if your door hits another car or wall.

You will be trimming the door guard yourself into 4 separate pieces to fit. The door guard is very easily to trim to length with a pair of scissors or shears. The door guard easily attaches to your door by just slipping into place. The door guard can also easily be removed in seconds.

Installation process:

  1. Measure your door length (Measure Twice & Cut Once)
  2. Cut the door guard to the length you just measured
  3. Slip the door guard into your door
  4. Repeat the process around each door                                                                

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