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FastSeal Waterproof Roof Leak Repair Tape - White 12"

Automotive Authority LLC

  • $30.49

Commercial Grade Roof & Leak Repair Tape

Purchase Includes:

A 12" roll of FastSeal white roof tape, custom cut for all orders from a master roll. 
Rolls will be within +/- 1" of the purchased length. 

Quality Is In The Design:


FastSeal is a high-tech sealant in tape form initially designed to create corrosion-proof pipes under the Ocean! NO OTHER PRODUCT IS AS EFFECTIVE! FastSeal solves your leak problems the moment it makes contact, grabbing all types of surfaces!


  • Never hardens, won't ever shrink or ooze and, never loses its adhesive qualities!
  • UV-Resistant, weatherproof and durable!
  • Instantly and permanently adheres to all metals, rubber, fiberglass, or plastics!
  • Completely non-reactive! Will not harm rubber, plastics, or any other substrate!
  • No VOCs! No solvent emissions of any kind. Harmless to the skin!
  • Can be installed in temperatures from -20 to +150 F. Will remain flexible at -70 F!
  • More flexible than any other sealant available! Self-sealing!
  • Elongation factor of 500% yet will not sag in temperatures up to +250 F!
  • Guaranteed not to peel, crack, or shrink for TEN YEARS!


  • Widely applied in sealing RVs, RV Roof, Metals, Rubber, Wood, Vinyl, Glass, Motorhomes, Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Vans, Buses, and more
  • Repair and Seal: RVs, Mobile Homes, Metal Roofs, Trailers, Trucks, Campers, Containers, Gutters, Flashing, Windows, Skylights, Siding, and more

Don't Be Fooled:

There are many other tapes out there that are cheaper in quality and will not even last 2 months before fading and cracking. The sub-par adhesive will not hold in place for long, unlike ours.

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