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2" DOT-C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape Safety

Automotive Authority

  • $10.49

C2 Conspicuity Tape 2"

Conspicuity tape is most commonly used on Tractor Trailers and barricades.  However, there are many other uses.

  • High Quality C2 Conspicuity Tape
  • Red & White Alternating 6" Pattern
  • Hexagonal Ultra  Reflective Design
  • Strong Adhesive to ensure a long last hold
  • Rated for 10 years
  • Can be Cut to fit your.
  • Common Uses: Tractor Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers, Cargo Trailers, Motorcycles, Bumper, Barriers, RVs, Campers, Trucks, Bumpers, Bicycles, Bicycle Racks, Boat Trailers, Buses, Work Trucks, Vans, Heavy Equipment, and Warehouse Signage

Please measure your application prior to purchasing to ensure you will have enough trim to complete the job.

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