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FastSeal Deck Joist Tape 1-5/8" x 100', Waterproof Weather Resistant Self-Adhesive, Anticorrosion for Wood Beams

Automotive Authority LLC

  • $25.99

FastSeal Deck Joist Tape

Purchase Includes:

1-5/8" x 100' roll of waterproof, self-adhering  joist tape

Quality Is In The Design:

  • Prevents moisture penetration and wood rot by creating a durable seal
  • Diverts water from joists and beams
  • Seals decking screws
  • Protects treated and non-treated lumber
  • Extends the life of your deck structure
  • Adheres well to wood, metal, glass, plastic, rubber and other flooring materials
  • High & low temperature resistance: -20℉ to 176℉

Don't Be Fooled:

Our deck tape comes on 100 foot rolls unlike others 50 foot rolls!! There are many other tapes out there that are cheaper in quality and will not even last 2 months before leaking and cracking. The sub-par adhesive will not hold in place for long, unlike ours. 

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