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2005-2007 Honda Odyssey Bumper Mesh Grille Kit

Automotive Authority

  • $24.99

Vehicle Compatibility:
2005-2007 Honda Odyssey

Why do I need this?
Have you ever taken a look at your bumper on you van? If you have you would have noticed that there is a big gap between your bumper and your precious A/C condenser. Because of the A/C Condensers location it is much for likely to encounter flying debris and rocks while driving on the road. This has caused many owner problems in the last. You can search Google for related cases by typing: Odyssey A/C rock piercing. What we have for sale is a simple solution to fix the problem and protect your condenser. Honda finally took notice of the problem and added a bumper grille to the 2008 models.

Would you rather spend hundreds or possible thousands of dollars fixing an A/C condenser problem that could have easily be prevented or buy a mesh grille inserts for under $30?

What will this do for me?
This plastic mesh insert will block much of the debris on the road. It may not protect all of the debris but it will serve as a deterrent for many rocks or foreign objects that you will encounter while driving on the road.

What is it made out of?
This is made of a black plastic mesh. The mesh is light weight and flexible but also durable. This mesh is also able to withstand the high temperatures of your engine bay.

How will this affect the A/C and engine?
This mesh will in no way affect the airflow going into your A/C condenser or engine.

How does installation work?
The installation of the mesh insert is very easy! You will only need needle nose pliers. You will not be required to unscrew or take apart any part of your vehicle. The mesh is soft and flexible so you will not have to worry about scratching your valuable paint job either. There will be easy to follow pictured instructions on how to install the item. The mesh insert will be secured in place with nylon ties.

Manufacturer:  Automotive Authority

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