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4" x 25' Eternabond Copper Flashing Tape - CF-4-25, EB-CF040-25R


  • $89.99

4" Eternabond Copper Flashing Sealant Tape 

Purchase Includes:

 A 4" x 25' roll Eternabond Copper Flashing sealant tape. 

Quality Is In The Design:

The EternaBond CF-4-25 CopperFlash tape has a 25 foot length and a 4 inch width.

  • Copper Flashing tape is designed to repair leaking seams on copper gutters and roofs, patch copper flashings, repair damaged cupolas, and bay window roofs
  • CopperFlash can add the beauty of copper to galvanized valley flashings, step flashing, skylight curbs, and gutters.
  • CopperFlash will patina over time to match aged copper.
  • CopperFlash seals to itself, so it can be cut and folded around an object
  • CopperFlash bonds to a wide range of materials including carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, aluminum foil, gypsum board, wood, rubber, tar, polyethylene, polypro-pylene, polystyrene, fiberglass, brick, concrete, masonry, rubber, thermoplastics, single-ply roofing, etc.
  • Copper is a soft metal so wrinkles are to be expected


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