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2" x 50' Eternabond DS-2-50 Doublestick Putty Tape Lap Sealant Repair Tape


  • $54.99

2" Eternabond DoubleStick Tape


Purchase Includes:

 A 2" x 50 ft roll of Eternabond DoubleStick tape. 

Quality Is In The Design:


Utilizing our pure advanced MicroSealant, sandwiched between two removable protection layers, DoubleStick is sticky on both sides. It is perfect for use as a gasket when installing windows and vents on RVs, mobile homes, steel buildings, etc. DoubleStick is also the perfect lap adhesive. Once DoubleStick is applied, you can virtually forget about leaks! In addition, DoubleStick can be folded or rolled into a bead, and it can be used as a moldable sealant to fill gaps and holes or gasket around wall penetrations to keep debris and pests out. DoubleStick comes in standard rolls 60 mils thick, 50' long, and 1" wide.

ETERNABOND is a high-tech sealant in tape form originally designed to create corrosion-proof pipes under the Ocean! NO OTHER PRODUCT IS AS EFFECTIVE! ETERNABOND solves your leak problems the moment it makes contact, grabbing all types of surfaces!

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