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1/4" WHITE Hollow Bead Welt Gimp Vinyl Trailer RV Cabinet Wall Corner Trim 0.25

Automotive Authority

  • $9.99

1/4" Hollow Bead Welt Gimp Trim

Simply use the drop-down bar to choose your desired Trim Length.

Please measure your application prior to purchasing to ensure you will have enough trim to complete the job

Purchase Includes:  

A roll of 1/4" wide White vinyl interior hollow bead welt gimp trim. The 1/4" hollow bead welt is commonly used to cover the seams between cabinets/walls or walls/ceilings. The flat flange of the trim is secured to the back edge of the cabinet with a staple or small brad so the hollow bead is the only part of the trim that shows. This will provide a clean factory look. Additional measurements of the hollow bead trim are located in a picture diagram. 

Common Uses:

Seams between cabinets & walls, or walls & ceilings

Quality Is In The Design:

The trim is proudly Made In America.

Don't Be Fooled:

There are many other trims out there that a cheaper in quality and will not even last 2 months before fading and cracking. The sub-par trim will not last long and you will end up spending twice the money. Many of the cheaper trims originate from China and will use sub-standard materials to cut down on the cost.

As we said earlier all of our trims are proudly Made In America and support American Workers.

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