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Rope Ring Tie Down D Ring Enclosed Trailer Cargo Strap Chain Tarp- 1000 lb

Automotive Authority

  • $6.75

1/4" D Ring Rope Tie Down 1000# Rated

Part #: SR10 

You are looking at a 100 pack of rope or Chain tie down. These are really bright Zinc Plated that looks real sharp, and will keep your Lashing ring looking good for years!  3/16" thick, and has a rated Capacity of 1,000 pound minimum breaking strength. Measures as follows:

A:   1 7/8" 
B:   1 7/8" 
C:   1 1/2" 
D:   1 3/8" 
E:    1 3/8" 
0.236" Thick Ring 


These are perfect for 4 wheeler ATV trailers, Snow Mobile trailers, or Boat and Boat Docks. Do not use for cars or other heavy equipment.

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