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Honda Shadow 500 600 700 750 1100 Chrome Tank Edge Trim

Automotive Authority

  • $8.65

Honda Chrome Tank Trim D.I.Y. Kit

The Do-It-Yourself kit will include (1) piece of Chrome trim molding strip measuring 6 feet in length. The trim is 1/4" wide and has an adhesive on the inside of the trim to secure it in place on your tank. The trim is made of flexible and durable high quality plastic.  This aftermarket chrome trim is made by Automotive Authority.

This trim molding can be used on many areas of your motorcycle. Some common areas of application are listed below. 


Gas Tank Edge, Fender Edges, Windshield Edges, and Hard Saddle Bag Edges.

Installation process:

  1. Choose your application area
  2. Cleaning off the area of application with rubbing alcohol or water
  3. Measure the distance of the edge you wish to cover
  4. Custom the trim to that length (Measure twice and cut once)
  5. Apply the trim in that location

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