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Digital Tachometer & Hour Meter & Thermometer - Multi-function Meter

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  • $39.99

Digital Tach/Hour/Temp Meter

Digital Multifunction Meter: The meter has Temperature, Tachometer, and Hour meter functions. It can work on any 2 or 4 stroke gas engine up to 16 cylinders, 9 engine type settings. It has a powerful Temp system, RPM measuring system, timing system, as well as some other unique function design.

Temp Measuring System: This meter will measure current temperature, Max temperature, high temperature warning function, temperature unit display can be set by user.

RPM Measuring System: The meter will measuring current engine RPM, record/view Max RPM, and high RPM warning function, RPM refresh rate 0.5 seconds. 

Timing System: The meter will measuring total engine run time, record partial running time a specific job, and set maintenance intervals freely from 0-200 hours, ect.

Unique Design:  The meter is easy to install and it will save all data automatically. The meter is waterproof and rated IP67.

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